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Helvetia Sports Ltd. distributes SwissStop bicycle brake pads in the US and Canada.

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SwissStop Brake Pads

In the small town of Mendrisio, Switzerland SwissStop produces brake pads for road, mountain, cyclocross and city bikes using state of the art pad compounds. Drawing on the parent company's 75 year history as an innovator in the technical rubber industry, the engineers at SwissStop formulate compounds, design pad shapes and work with component manufacturers to optimize the performance of their products.

SwissStop is proud to be the brake pad choice of many equipment manufacturers, professional teams and riders around the world.


New BXP for alloy wheels and Black Prince compound for carbon wheels - available now

SwissStop compounds 2013
  • Original Black: Very smooth feel, rim friendly braking for alloy wheels.
  • BXP: New compound for alloy wheels. More brake power with less effort.
  • Yellow King: Great brake performance on carbon wheels.
  • Black Prince: New compound for carbon wheels. Excellent modulation. Improved wet weather performance and lower temperatures.