SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer

SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer

What is the SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer?

SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer is a high performance metallic-based treatment that adjusts pad to rotor burnishing pressures. The proprietary formula reduces the formation of brake dust and eliminates irritating noise. The biologically degradable carrier is environmentally friendly.

The SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer is ONLY FOR DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS

Beneficial Properties

  • prevents and reduces brake squealing without impairing the braking effect
  • faster dissipation of heat build up
  • prevents non-uniform pad wear
  • eliminates vibration from braking action (slip/stick)

How is the SwissStop Silencer applied?

  1. Dismantle the brake assemblies
  2. Clean the brake linings and calipers with approved, safe cleaner
  3. Shake the can vigorously before use, approximately 15-20 seconds
  4. Spray about half a second application of SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer onto the face of the pads
  5. Reassemble the entire brake system per factory instructions, including proper lubrication
  6. Carry out a break in procedure, about 20-30 light pressure stops

SwissStop Silencer Application Video

Silencer Can Sizes

  • 1.5 Oz Aerosol Spray - ideal size for personal use
  • 9 Oz Aerosol Spray - ideal size for shop use

SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer